Twitter Cloud and a note on Cloud Computing

That’s what I use twitter for. If you have a twitter account you can follow me here

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally deleted many followers using a Twitter App called Refollow- I was trying to clean up people I follow and checked the wrong tick box-

so please if you feel I unfollowed you- it was a mistake. Seriously.














On Cloud Computing- and Google- rumours ( ­čÖé ) are emerging that Google’s push for cloud computing is to turn desktop computing to IBM like mainframe computing .┬á Except that there are too many players this time. Where is the Department of Justice and anti trust – does Amazon qualify for being too big in cloud computing currently.

Or the rumours could be spread by Microsoft/ Apple / Amazon competitors etc. Geeks are like that sometimes.

Managing Twitter

If you have more than 100 followers, or people following you on Twitter and want to have some kind of Outlook like manager for managing so much info- this is a great tool from

Added benefits-
1) Secure Login using Twitter Authorization
2) Visual Click and Easy Follow- Unfollow Blocking based on activities
3) Segmenting groups of people basede on behavior
4) Hidden insights on who all suddenly have un-followed me ( after I accidentally revealed the spoiler end of latest Harry Potter movie- Dumbeldore will sleep with the fishes)

The Screenshot (of my refollow page) below shows you most of the properties-


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