An open source and better Search Engine

Search Engines are difficult subjects to talk about there are multiple experts and there are multiple vendors from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Cuil and there are newer innovations like Cosmix -Blended Search and there are Wiki Search (Including the Digg bar and same features introduced in Google now). Content itself has exploded from websites in 1999 to websites, blog posts, RSS feeds, tweets, Facebook profiles, online communities, voice, podcast and video. Quantitative measures to measure, index and rank the new types of content require that the algorithms behind search be made open source but with strict creative commons licensing and using third party developers to create search algorithm extensions.

This idea seems difficulty to implement but it has been there and done before. No one creates Palo Alto like research labs anymore- all scientist and researchers have to first sign away copy"catrights before beginning their research.

The year 2009 is different from the year 1999, and PageRank is no longer a maths based algol- it is a marketing brand. Time for the Stanford dropouts to go back to school and get some more math and some less marketing (and less pranks on Wolfram please) in their search engine. And Paul Allen who created the building in Stanford where the Google algol was first thought, he needs to spend some Bills and venture fund a new wave of innovation in search engines. Is this wishful thinking? Maybe. I just need a better search engine than Google right now.- Perhaps Herr Schmidt take some time from viewing mountains in Mountain View and measure customer satisfaction instead of just measuring market share in non competitive and likely to face anti trust scrutiny in US and Europe very soon. So better give some of the ranking algol features open so all websites implement the SEO tactics magically revealed and create a better world wide web- thus negating the information asymmetry in a closed source search engine.

New Search Engine ?

Here is a new search engine called Kosmix which claims to help make the world more organized. Now I gave it the Google story test which means I compared its results to Googles results for

1) Google / Kosmix

2) Jim Goodnight /Sergey Brin

3) Regression

4) Data Mining

Results were frighteningly good. Some screenshots are below. What Kosmix does is aggregate searches across various platforms like the Net, and adds Images, Videos Results so it looks like a report compiled on specific search word rather than a list of links like Google does.

Take a look.


image image

image image

Clearly Kosmix is the winner because it adds Google Search, You Tube search and Google Blog Search results as well to its results. I have talked a long time back on the need for Google to give more customization especially for business research users ( see item 10 b).

Google continues to be a list of Ranked web pages, while Kosmix is a new organized information source.I just hope it does not end up like which started with a  big hype and is now claiming to be the biggest search engine in the world with the largest index  , but not the biggest users I guess.

Any search engine that places a category of Indian film actors when you search for Ajay Ohri can not do too well ! Period.


Customized Data Mining Search

Didnt find what you were looking for on this site.Search again on the top 776 sites


Try again to this custom engine. As an added amusement do check the Adsense ads (i.e Transport logistics and Hovercraft ad for logistic regression 🙂 )

Note -This remains a non commerical site.


var googleSearchIframeName = “cse-search-results”;
var googleSearchFormName = “cse-search-box”;
var googleSearchFrameWidth = 600;
var googleSearchDomain = “”;
var googleSearchPath = “/cse”;