Best Marketing Website of 2008

Note- This is not an endorsement. This website is most effective in its purpose and utilizes many cutting web 2.0 tools. This is purely a technical evaluation.

We liked the other newly revamped website as well. Great theme design and better graphics but

a bit too loaded.Given the rise in budgets and dependence on survey data, analytical targeting, political

response models might just be around by 2012 !!

Have a happy 4th July if you are from the US.

Politics of Change

Politics of Change (and other stuff)

  • You know politics is changing if your Senator is better on the internet than you are.
  • Its not changing if one candidate first puts the other person in campaign debt of 20 million and then writes a check for 2300 USD , expecting her to campaign.


  • You know politics is changing if blogs and You Tube are just as important than newspaper endorsements.
  • Its not changing when the internet just spreads rumors at a faster pace.
  • You know politics is changing when the North Koreans give up nuclear weapons on their own.
  • Its not changing if politicians fight over global warming. Thats called the weather and climate changing.
  • You know politics is changing when you have to choose between a black guy and a woman for a President.


  • Its not changing if they just do the same old stuff.
  • You know politics is changing when people make songs and You tube videos of speeches.
  • Its not changing if speeches remain speeches.

Thanks for reading this stuff . Enjoy the change !


The Nastiness Index

Reading about the latest back and forth and then back again rounds between not that conservative Republicans, conservative Republicans, liberal Democrats, not so liberal Democrats makes you wonder if there is some way of quantifying the daily dose of political news. If we can quantify the level of terror threat in color coding, can we create a blue and red nastiness index for quantifying the political debates in a country.

The Nastiness Index can be used to decribe political equilibrium in a country. eg in USA if the Index shows high blue , and less red it means the Democrats are pummeling the Republicans. If the Index shows low blue and low red, it means all is quiet. If it shows high red, and low blue , it means the opposition is down and the administration is up.Stock markets can use this index to quantify the level of political activity, inactivity and stability of elected governments.

If the nastiness index shows high blue and high red, it means its election time folks.

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