Love Bytes- a modern Indian play

Review= Love Bytes

I was here in Taj Vivanta,Mumbai India, as a guest and I caught up with a lovely new age play called Love Bytes.

Directed and written by Divya Palat  , this play explores the emotional turbulences of the digiterati, the Facebook status changes, and the complete life cycle of the supply chain of love.

From teenage puppy love, to double income 1 kid, to geeky nerd afraid to talk to the beauteous girl in office,and the live in couple with no pressure to marry – this s when Harry met Sally  plus Its Complicated all mashed together with anthemic rock songs between the acts.

I loved the humor and the satire though the second act did drag on my nerves with the puns on African American rappers,  extinct parsis  species, and mild homophobia in father son relationships. One solo act stood out for the funny words..

Welcome brave new world of Bollywood.

Or maybe I should say Bollyway-wood.

Getting on your nerves

This is too much, and that was out of line,

Some people get on your nerves

Like a LoL cat playing with twine


Manipulating perception, you say is okay

Disregarding your intelligence is not

Relentless selling crapola in turf wars fiercely fought.


Brave new world has all kinds of fair game

The world was always a stage

But with so many actors things wont remain the same


Enhanced volatility Higher risks greater rewards

Loud is the applause when you make the keynote

Louder will the boos when proud men fall.


Lions hunt better but hyenas feed better

because hyenas are better team players you see

Bearing agony of uncertainty, to succeed is ecstasy


Relax Rewind Recalibrate and Pause

Total up your material gains

Ignore your conscience costs


Snap and turn, go back to your comfort zone

Stories sell better

Poetry is a drone


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