India and the

What prompted you to enter the internet media space, and what qualities do you think made you succeed in it.

I just loved the internet since I started using it, somehow I always felt this is the medium for me. I created a portal long time back and then joined an internet firm. The best thing about the medium is that the product, marketing, content and sales are close-knit than in any other medium. Another great part of it being it’s flexibility, you can create lot of designs of experiments at almost zero cost, and implied risk.

Whatever little success I have had is because of my passion for the field, which has given me a sound understanding of behaviour of web consumption. I think consumer behaviour is the key here, which has to driven by great data interpretation skills, which is basically the level of understanding of the medium.

What’s your most challenging project ever (anonmous details)

My most challenging project has been the C2C engine success challenge. This is a case of concurrent profiles, threshold traffic, registered traffic, returning traffic and overall site engagement metrics. Now this is tough t build and tough to break as well, still very tough to build. The returning traffic is a component of current traffic, which makes it a chicken and egg story in C2C domain. This is the toughest part, the “engagement metrics” forecasting is the key, and you can never be precise on this, the engine needs to be fueled on scientific data analysis, industry trends, consumer research and believe it or not, lot of heuristics. And if you go wrong, you can waste millions of dollars for

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The Great Connector ,Stan Relihan

Note from Ajay-

Stan Relihan is the 40th most connected person list on LinkedIn out of 25 million people.His podcast: gets more than 12,000 downloads a month and he has leveraged social networking to maximum advantage for building great assets as well as increasing his own business value. Here he shares some insights  on using social networking networks.

1) What’s the latest trend you see in community sites over the next year and next three to five years.

I see more and more emphasis on the need to focus on Business outcomes -not just idle chit-chat or frivolous questions. Social Networking sites will also need to truly embrace the Web 2.0 ethos – where what the users want is ultimately more important that what the site owner / operators think it should be.  This means more responsiveness to requests for new features and more transparency & intercommunication from management with their users. In the end, just like with Search Engines & Operating Systems, many will cease to exist – and only a few dominant players will continue.

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Search Engine Optimization- Pat Stroh

Pat Stroh-Search Engine Optimization Guru from


1. What prompted you personally to join this field ?
Ans –
First and foremost, I joined the search engine marketing field because it was experiencing tremendous growth and technological / analytical innovation.  I felt that my background in database marketing, predictive analytics, and interfacing between technical and non-technical marketing audiences positioned me very well to contribute to the success of IMPAQT.  In the field, there were no “out of the box” solutions.  Instead, we would be developing new analytical solutions ourselves.  That challenge and intellectual reward is what really put me at IMPAQT studying online, search engine marketing.

2. Hows life working at IMPAQT . Is there innovation you would like to share?

Ans-The search engine marketing industry continues to evolve very quickly.  Every day there is a new development, in terms of either market structure (partnerships, take-overs, venture fundings, etc.) and technology (from Google or smaller players).  Additionally, the broader marketing enterprise is shifting from traditional media to online media.  Will that shift inherit many of the characteristics of the paid search / auction model of ad purchasing?  So, you not only have to stay on top of the “here and now,” but also think nimbly about how the marketing enterprise is shifting.  That makes working at IMPAQT a very high energy place.  Consequently, here at IMPAQT we’ve developed SAS

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10 SAS Procs:Learning SAS Easily


When I was beginning in analytics and learning SAS, one of my team members pulled me aside and said man-just learn 10 types of procs and you have learnt it.You can download actual cut and paste code from the link above. 

 Proc Freq  ,Proc Datasets  

Proc Means, Proc Print

  Proc Contents, Proc Univariate

Proc Summary   ,Proc Sort

  Additional – Merging data pulled from multiple locations

Sort all datasets by the key (here var1) before merging  


Proc Rank Proc Tabulate  

 p.s It proved to be more complex but learning different  kinds of procs is  an easy way for a SAS beginner to  learn SAS faster and clear SAS skills interviews

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