The Great Connector ,Stan Relihan

Note from Ajay-

Stan Relihan is the 40th most connected person list on LinkedIn out of 25 million people.His podcast: gets more than 12,000 downloads a month and he has leveraged social networking to maximum advantage for building great assets as well as increasing his own business value. Here he shares some insights  on using social networking networks.

1) What’s the latest trend you see in community sites over the next year and next three to five years.

I see more and more emphasis on the need to focus on Business outcomes -not just idle chit-chat or frivolous questions. Social Networking sites will also need to truly embrace the Web 2.0 ethos – where what the users want is ultimately more important that what the site owner / operators think it should be.  This means more responsiveness to requests for new features and more transparency & intercommunication from management with their users. In the end, just like with Search Engines & Operating Systems, many will cease to exist – and only a few dominant players will continue.

2) Do you think the network would be good for all communities?

No site will ever be good for for ALL needs and  communities, but Ning certainly has a lot to offer. However, it is a little rough and ready at the moment and will need to evolve to compete on an equal footing to sophisticated, mature sites like Linked In.
3) Comments on Online Privacy for consumers within community.
Online Privacy is a growing concern for users – particularly as many different sites start to ask for different elements of a person’s identity, opening up the potential for Identity Theft through aggregation of this information.The solution is to arrive at some form of Data Portability that makes use of a standard set of data and profile information, possibly held by a Trusted Partner. Yahoo & MSN are making some good inroads in this area.
4) Tell us how you came in this field of work, and what factors made you succeed.
As a Headhunter, I’ve always relied on my personal & professional network to get referrals to others, which is the essence of my business. (In 10+ years, I have never filled a full-time role through advertising). The size of my Linked In network was initially a result of this – but as a result of the high profile I have achieved through my Podcast, ‘The Connections Show’ (which now generates over 12,000 downloads every month), the number of Invitations to Connect I receive has increased my network exponentially.In April 2007, I had 5,000 connections – now I have over 16,500. In this time, I’ve invited less than 10 people – the remainder have invited ME, to the point where I am now ranked #40 world wide, out of all 25 Million+ Linkedin users
5) Most challenging and fun project you ever did (anonymous details if needed)
Helping a major international company begin operations in Australia – finding Management, Sales and Technical staff from a standing start.
6) Advice to fresh college graduates wanting to join this  as a career-
Start building your network and relationships now. As your friends and colleagues start to succeed in their careers, the value of your network will increase.


Stan Relihan is President & CEO of Expert Executive Search, one of Asia-Pacific’s best-connected & most influential Executive Search, Selection & Recruitment firms, with an unparalleled network of contacts and business alliances around the world.For organizations that truly believe that people are their greatest assets, Expert Executive Search can deliver key individuals that enable you to outperform your competition.


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