Outsourcing Analytics:Maintaining Quality

1 use an instant messenger like skype so people dont exchange too many emails and can clarify things in a two minute call

2 stick to SLAs. if someone didnt design the SLA ‘s correctly have weekly metrics report. weekly team meetings and monthly higher up review meetings help.

3 Insist on offshore quality management like ISO 9001 or Green Belt, which are the default in It services.

4 insist on an attrition or team retention clause in your SLA. team members leaving will be biggest drop in your quality.

5 Have once a year on site trips . helps the training and the bonding too. its cheaper for off shore team members to fly on site , because the have lower actual costs.

6 have penalty clauses in SLA, insist on free credits for missed deadlines or bad quality project, its only fair..

7 always have an exit clause which specifies that offshore vendor will pay for transitioning process to newer member and have a liability clause too, its mostly taken care by their insurance company

8 Having a wiki helps in documentation , insist on all codes,logs to be sent to you with comments so as to review how the project was completed rather than only when something is wrong

9 trust in god, but lock your vendor’s contract

Ning with the Xing

Recently created a social network on www.ning.com.The site is quite cool , as it allows you to create your own social networks.

It has features for blogs,forum,ADS,rss and even Open Social Gadgets. You can view my bad attempt at creating a social network here …http://startupsindia.ning.com/

If you plan a more commercial venture the rates are even more decent,from the Ning Site

Run ads on your social network
You can use any ad serving service you’d like. You can also use this premium feature to protect your social network from showing any ads at all.
$19.95 per month
Use your own domain name
If you own your own domain name (also known as a URL or website address) and want to use it for your new social network, you can.
$4.95 per month
Remove Ning promotional links
This will remove the “Create Your Own Social Network” button from the top of your social network.
$7.95 per month
Increase your quota
If you are concerned that your new social network will exceed 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth, you can purchase more storage and bandwidth from us.
$9.95 per unit per month


And I got interviewed on my views at another much better Ning Network called Analytic Bridge. You can view the interview here .And post comments .


As I Sleep



As I sleep, eyes shut, dreams deep

Long lost in the embrace of slumber

Comfortably cold, now comfortably number


Rehashing over the daily blows,

The cheap tricks, and the flows,

That bedeviled me and made me stray,

Things that made an awry today.


Reflecting perhaps tomorrow is,

A better day, less bitter please,

Hope survives like a phoenix ash,

Credit cards emptied and too little cash.


The misery and the despair, and the mocking fun

Lesser mortals address me as one.


Nah , its better to keep on sleeping,

Deep down easy, up away dreaming.

Lost for a couple of hours at least.

Life’s tougher than this soft sheet.


That covers me in white, tip to toe,

All set now , ready to go,

Six feet under in a temporary death,

Sleepy dream suspend poisonous breath.


Should I end it all, with a quick pill or two.

Lost behind the suffering too.

Or shall I rise again and punch away,

Back the darkness from where it came to stay.


Punch it hard, punch it still,

Don’t speak now, just jab to kill.



FaceBook loses out to Google Driven Initiative…?

These are early days , but almost all the top Facebook application games like Triumph, Dope Wars Online etc are starting to get versions on MySpace and hi5. This basically means that the Facebook era of exclusive applications may face a threat from the open source applications of Google driven APIs that enable developers to make games that transcend all social networks.

This space is heating up, and the latecomers to the social networking party might just Facebook as the harbinger of Web 2.0 crash just as NetScape was to Web1.0 crash.

Speaking of which, the Mozilla Firefox browser is Beta Stage for Version 3. Yes…it is a cool one….and Yes the Force is Strong within Google despite the share price..:)

DREAM TICKET'08-Obama proposes Monica Lewinsky as VP to satisfy Clinton Camp

In a surprising development, Howard Dean, Chairman , Democratic National Party

announced at a conference today to finally bring the Democratic nomination to an end.

A visibly beaming Howard Dean almost screamed in joy, as he announced that Barack

Obama has proposed Monica Lewinsky as Vice President candidate. On hearing this

the Clinton campaign dropped their plans to throw kitchen sinks during the convention

and accepted the compromise. John Edwards would be presumptive Attorney General,

Al Gore will be environmental secretary. Hillary Clinton will be head of revamping

Social Security while in turn Bill Clinton will be Ambassador at Large to promote

American diplomacy among the world. Miss Lewinsky’s experience in White House,

her loyalty to the Clintons in standing hard with her story, the need to reach out to

White Female voters and Monica’s economics degree from London School of Economics

all played a part in this historic decision.This unites the party in fighting John Mc Cain

for the November elections. John Mccain reportedly had an unprintable reaction to this


While the Democrats rolled out mock celebratory cigars after the press conference.

This is reporter John Doe, reporting live from Iwannacrib.com