Movie Review- The Fifth Estate

Benedict Cumberbatch, adorable and cerebral, anti-hero in Star Trek, Sherlock and maybe even Star Wars, is curiously underplayed in this curious movie about a curious man. It is half-way between a spin job by Illumnati, US State Department, Murdochian forces (choose your conspiracy) and a simple hatch job by an ex disgruntled employee. Julian Assange, Hacker Ground Zero is portrayed with adequate subtlety but inadequate credibility as an abused child, paranoid, abusive , manipulative liar while the associate who acted as consultant to the movie and founded Openleaks which hasnt really leaked anything- this is a bad job and bad art. However on 23 December 2012 Domscheit-Berg announced on the website that the organisation will not go ahead as previously intended, and would now only focus on spreading information and expertise regarding how to set up and run leak websites rather than directly facilitating leaks themselves.[29]

At times the movie is boring, at times educational. The nice Matrix like visual special effects fail to bring the emotional connection. Mr Cumberbatch risks alienating his core geek fan club- ironically the movie which has shown bad box office results only shows the irony- Benedict Cumberbatch made more money acting as Julian Assange than Julian Assange did acting as himself.

Fifth Estate indeed- but a second rate movie!


Movie Review- Man of Steel

Any comic book reader knows Superman was the original super-hero. So here we are presented with a radical Chris Nolan’ish take on Super-Man. For the first time, Super Man is presented as someone with parental issues ( Steve Jobs?), a stubble , and there is way too much Krypton in this movie. This is way entertaining- but only if you have a geeky imagination. For non-geeks, it is best ignored, except Zack Snyder finally shows us his tech wizadry which we saw in 300 and Watchmen. Super Boy had ADHD, Super Teen has issues, Super Young Man drifts like Rambo 1. Finally Super Man emerges . This time the fortress of solitude is inside his brain.

If you like the new genre of damaged men rising above personal battles to turn Super Men. Watch it!



Goa Goa Gone Review

Go Goa Gone, is both a stoner movie combined with a zombies attack setting in the scenic heaven of Goa, India. As such it is a sharp, taut comedy with nice acting and crisp direction . The humor is bawdy but some dialogues have potential to be classic. A small budget movie- this is one nice production and shows Bollywood innovating global storylines and adding some desi masala to it. The newbie Puja Gupta looks hot, Saif Ali Khan lampoons the tough guy with a gun image, and Kunal Khemu and Vir Das are great in comic timing.


Watch it for laughs, though it is probably unsuitable for a family outing or with kids. Clearly inspired the cult Hollywood Movie, Zombieland- it has its own desi spin on it. Spicy and Delicious!


Star Trek Movie Review Descending Into Darkness to go where no one has descended before

JJ Abrahams confronts age old questions of morality and ethics  in a recent context ( should dangerous war criminals face trial or be executed?). The bromance between Kirk and Spock grows, we see Mr Spock showing more emotions here than he did in the entire Series (including a hilarious domestic incident). This is an awesome feast of a movie and straight in the summer’s must watch list. I liked it better than Iron Man 3 ( and I liked Iron Man a lot!!). The 3D and CGI enhances rather than distracts the movie story, which is how it should be. A satisfying Star Trek, and lots of potential!

But Benedict Cumberbatch is the real bully. This guy is an awesome and incredible actor! Trekkies should remember the original Khan! With some roles swapped 😉

Hallelujah! If you cant find time to watch this edition of Star Trek- it is time to turn that geek badge in!!


Iron Man 3 Review – Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Iron Man 3 has more. Twice the villains. Five times the Iron Men. More girls for Tony Stark. Pepper Pots finally gets some action scenes. But I like the guy with the English accent the best- even better than Australian hunk. Anything more and you could end up with a spoilt ending. Hollywood gives us movie sequels knowing we are suckers for watching how the story will turn out. This edition though was not so great as the last Avengers universe franchise. Go with lowered expectations or with your kids, and you will be okay.

On and one more thing! At the end of ALL the credits- the Dr Bruce Banner makes a 2 minute nice appearance. Witty! The movie just make a big hit financially but alarm bells should ring in the Avenger sequel universe. Especially since Star Trek and Super Man are just here!

Iron Man 3 Teaser Poster

Avengers Review

Avengers is the big ticket block buster which heralds summer just like the groundhog denotes spring. An ensemble cast (of superheroes and okay actors) , it stars Hulk (angry green man aka Dr Bruce Banner /Mark Ruffalo) ,Iron Man (genius billionaire philanthropist playboy aka Tony Stark / Robert Downey Jr), Thor (an Australian looking Chris H), Loki (God of Mischief played  by German looking Tom Hiddleston ), Captain America  and Scarlet Johnassen and Jeremy “Hurt Locker” Renner and Samuel L Jackson. You know somethings is gotta give if the A List stars(?) in the cast is going to be longer than a plot summary.

Well Loki the bad guys strikes a deal with some other bad Guys of funnily named world called Assguard (parallel universe!) and tries to find a cube (which is all energy powerful like the Transformers 1 Cube)  and in return gets an Army from the dark side (who look just  like Cybertrons and Lords of the Rings orcs combined).

The Avengers after much dilly dallying, trying to emote, create bromances, tension buildup, in the end decide to give you what you came looking for- a visual feast of credible looking CGI to counter the bad guys. The scene stealer is the Hulk. He is kind of cute for a big green guy, if you dont know what I mean, see the movie!

This is American cinema at its most profoundly intellectual since the Die Hard series. and its quite entertaining, especially if you are a geeky comic book fan-boy (like me).

Summer is here and so are the super-heroes!! Unleash the popcorn.


Agneepath Movie Review

When you try and make a remake of old Bollywood classic, you risk some stuff. Especially if the classic is the legendary Amitabh Bachchan’s   Agneepath that was both a commericial flop, a total hit at the awards and now a cult favorite (see

So what can Karans Johar/Malhotra, Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik Roshan do that hasnt been done.

Well they have made the intense violence mind-blowing catchy and deliciously pulpy, with its unique Bollywood sweet sour mango flavor. Sanjay Dutt rocks the screen in evil intensity, Hrithik emotes with his eyes (wisely deciding to underplay his Vijay Deenanath Chauhan , rather than the over the top original) and even the supporting actors from the veteran Rishi Kapoor, the demure Priyanka Chopra and host of characters make this an incredibly cool movie to buy tickets for. I am sure Quentin Tarantino would find the violence inspiring – and if you have not seen Bollywood movies yet, well this is sure as good a time to start.

See it- and atleast in Mumbai, India , the movies are off to a good start in 2012.