Star Trek Movie Review Descending Into Darkness to go where no one has descended before

JJ Abrahams confronts age old questions of morality and ethics  in a recent context ( should dangerous war criminals face trial or be executed?). The bromance between Kirk and Spock grows, we see Mr Spock showing more emotions here than he did in the entire Series (including a hilarious domestic incident). This is an awesome feast of a movie and straight in the summer’s must watch list. I liked it better than Iron Man 3 ( and I liked Iron Man a lot!!). The 3D and CGI enhances rather than distracts the movie story, which is how it should be. A satisfying Star Trek, and lots of potential!

But Benedict Cumberbatch is the real bully. This guy is an awesome and incredible actor! Trekkies should remember the original Khan! With some roles swapped 😉

Hallelujah! If you cant find time to watch this edition of Star Trek- it is time to turn that geek badge in!!


Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Movie Review Descending Into Darkness to go where no one has descended before”

  1. The movie was awesome, even for an old time Trekie … the reversal of Kirk and Spock in the death scene was brilliant !

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