Movie Review- Man of Steel

Any comic book reader knows Superman was the original super-hero. So here we are presented with a radical Chris Nolan’ish take on Super-Man. For the first time, Super Man is presented as someone with parental issues ( Steve Jobs?), a stubble , and there is way too much Krypton in this movie. This is way entertaining- but only if you have a geeky imagination. For non-geeks, it is best ignored, except Zack Snyder finally shows us his tech wizadry which we saw in 300 and Watchmen. Super Boy had ADHD, Super Teen has issues, Super Young Man drifts like Rambo 1. Finally Super Man emerges . This time the fortress of solitude is inside his brain.

If you like the new genre of damaged men rising above personal battles to turn Super Men. Watch it!



Author: Ajay Ohri

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