SAS launches Academy for Data Science

SAS just launched a very nicely stacked set of two courses for its new data science program. It’s a trifle premium priced and as of now dependent only on it’s own SAS platform but the curriculum and the teaching sound very good. SAS has been around for some time, and no one ever had to worry about a job after getting trained in SAS language.

They are two six week instructor-led courses and it seems they are just tweaking details with a soft launch but it is promising for things to come. Perhaps companies like IBM and SAP et al will follow up on this initiative to CREATE more data scientists as well as UPDATE software in data science 😉

Build on your basic programming knowledge by learning to gather and analyze big data in SAS. This intensive six-week, level-one bootcamp focuses on big data management, data quality and visual data exploration for advanced analytics, and prepares you for the big data certification exams.*

Expand your big data certification skill set in our six-week data science bootcamp. This level-two program focuses on analytical modeling, machine learning, model deployment and automation, and critical communication skills. It also prepares you for the data science certification exams.*

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Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “SAS launches Academy for Data Science”

  1. Nice article! Like it says , SAS has been around for quite some time and the technology is also very reliable and is in high demand. This makes the SAS Courses a great career choice if you want to become a Data Scientist or if you currently are a Data Scientist looking to boost your career.

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