I read a chapter from How to Win Friends and Influence People as part of my Holiday reading. It is a remarkably well written book and I am trying to summarize a few key early learnings.

  1. Use lucid examples that people can relate to while writing a book.
  2. Base a book based on what works or does not work in real life.
  3. Do not criticize people (Chapter 1)

Since I criticize a lot, that is my new year resolution. To stop changing other people by criticism.

I also started re-reading from one of my favorite authors. Hemigway lived, died and wrote by a code of his own. Some learnings from him

  1. Keep words simple and sentences short
  2. Write a lot
  3. Be passionate
  4. Be honorable

Honor and self respect seems to be the underlying code for Hemingway.

To cap off , I watched this documentary Code I was really horrified how we hackers have been so busy trying to change the world we forgot to address some issues in the hacker culture

  1. We need more ethnic diversity
  2. We need more gender diversity
  3. Diversity brings better creative mix and stable teams

In addition I learnt that balancing funding with creative creation is essential to survival. Well funded creative projects will be better produced than less funded. What is shown more, sells more. (Jo Dikhta hain woh bikta hain)

Well thats all the code. But yes the movie convinced me to try and lift a  finger to help bring more women and African-Hispanic coders in my small way. I hope you try something like that too.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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