Slacks Lies and Stock Options

So I was swapping war stories with someone who really made some money on a unicorn. The only thing we could learn from the stories was – the sheer unpredictability in which people will lie to you and the sheer unpredictability by which people will be nice to you.

I mean forget all the data science prediction problems out there. Isnt this the only data science problem to solve- Whom to trust? When? For how much

What is surprising is the parallels in the intelligence spy business and the technology startup business.

  1. Intel and Tech Startups are less glamorous than the look in books
  2. They both involve long periods of boring inactivity and sudden periods of frenzied action
  3. Relationships matter in the first and second oldest profession of the world but only for the moment. Relationships matter a lot more in the newest profession on the world- unicorn tech worker.
  4. The stock options will never come on what you did in the past but just to hold you for the future.
  5. Karma is the oldest Android App and it is really sweet piece of coding
  6. Coffee and tea are good stimulants. Other stimulants get you in trouble as the founder President of Facebook found out.
  7. Comfortable clothing is the norm in technology startups. Cool clothing is NOT the norm in the guys who will fund the technology startups atleast in many areas I have seen. Wear Slacks to meetings but not to the investor meetings.
  8. Data never lies. People do.
  9. People can manipulate truth and data to lies using ppts and statistics. You decide you wanna be a unicorn or a scientist
  10. Nobody lost his job for being the hardest worker in the room. Nobody lost their stock options for being the nicest person in the company. Except for Woz. But  we all love Woz

Author: Ajay Ohri

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