Data Science is the new kung fu and everybody was

I get dragged, cajoled and manipulated into meetings galore.Those meetings can be summed up into- Hey, I have huge data, and I spent my life with Microsoft certifications and SQL.How do I deal with this data oil, data deluge, etc etc. These remind me of Bruce Lee and the way he started before he started swinging his wooden nonchuck.

Hire us, I say, laconically, to the people expecting us to solve Big Data problem on a whiteboard and a ppt.

On the other side I train people to be data scientists because the oil rush is on and everyone wants to learn how to use a shovel or spade. Some people need a certificate to get a shortlisted  In a interview, some need the minimum knowledge to clear an interview, and everyone wants to know what will happen to their career after 10 years of being a data scientist. These things are like the 36 chambers of Shaolin except the teacher is doing all the tasks on a web conference

I don’t know, I say, apologetically, to the wanna be most sexy profession, data scientists to be.

I also do data science unicorn startups on the side. These things are like Jackie Chan movies, where a challenge is offered to the doju master and a few jokes later everything is getting pummeled or broken. Sometimes there is a pretty girl but this is rarely done. In the technology start up world in India, we dont read Sheryl Sandberg enough.

Pay me, I say, with a greedy glint in my eye to wannabe unicorns.



Author: Ajay Ohri

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