Fixing Search for Jobs and Resumes

When we search for websites on Google and Bing, we get relatively efficient results of what we are searching for just based on keywords. However for both candidates as well as companies, searching across jobs and resumes is tougher because most job portals do not have the chops to invest in algorithmic unstructured text search. Instead we encounter a scenario where the entire industry of recruitment agencies and consultants exist so that manual intervention reduces the inefficiency of this particular case of search. Even recruitment agencies have a checklist of questions to ask and they store the data in CRM software

Why is this possible? Economics is the study of incentives and a big chunk of paying customers for Job Portals is recruitment consultants. Making Job and Resume search much more efficient would enable both candidates and companies to bypass the traditional model of going via agencies and consultants.

Perhaps the only company with a strong enough database is LinkedIN with Google and Facebook as close behinds. This is a billion dollar industry, it is ripe for disruption, and the bits and pieces for fixing this basic mathematical search problem already exist. Perhaps what is needed is a database with enough data, activity captured through large enough agencies or HCRM software, integrated with algorithms.

The basic problem is Spammy or Outdated results in both resume search and job search. Spam should be fixed in a cutting way, dont you think?

Screenshot 2014-06-19 08.06.35

Author: Ajay Ohri

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