Revolution Analytics and RStudio- Different approaches to being open source in #rstats

RStudio is free ( as in beer) and free (as in speech). You pay for RStudio Services ( including training, enterprise and pro editions ).But the software is both open source and free for everyone. The services is how they basically pay for bread and pizza. is currently in Alpha which means we’re still figuring out exactly how pricing will work for the service. We do know that we’ll have a tiered pricing model in hopes of making the service accessible to as many different groups as we can. We will offer a free tier for users with light needs and feature requirements.

We’ll announce the specifics of the pricing model for in the coming months.

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RStudio Server Pro lets multiple users share access to powerful compute resources (memory, processors, etc.). Team leaders can centralize the installation and configuration of their R environment with the visibility and control needed to manage it all effectively.

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RStudio offers discounts on RStudio Server Pro and Shiny Server Pro for businesses up to $5 million in annual revenue. Our goal to make it so that small startups and developers can get started easily with a credit card. Our intention is to charge a fair price for the value derived and to grow with each small business as they gain value from our products.

To qualify for Small Business discounts, businesses must:

  • Disclose last year’s annual revenue to RStudio on request (for example, provide an accounting statement)
  • Display “Powered by RStudio™ Shiny” at the bottom of all Shiny application pages
  • Complete the order online (links below)
    • Accept the standard “click-through” RStudio license agreement
    • Pay by credit card
  • Repeat these steps to re-qualify annually at the time of renewal

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The champion of the Enterprise software for the R language remains Revolution Analytics.

They offer source code for all, and free software for academics. The have training services  and they are much ahead of RStudio is partnering up formally with other players and corporates in the ecosystem.  By cleverly using consultants included noted package creators, they have managed to keep their costs down and research output high including R Hadoop, Revo Deploy R and the earlier optimized efforts.

But the basic software is not free, RevoScaleR package does not have a community edition, there is no SMB discounts. Part of the reason is Revolution is funded by Intel and Microsoft initially, while RStudio chugs along on it’s own. Revolution Analytics has also changed 3 CEOs and at one time fired half the staff while RStudio has cautiously and steadily ramped up.

This is one reason lot more people use software from RStudio , lot less people use software from Revolution Analytics, and RevoScaleR package is not so widely known in industry

Revolution R Enterprise Workstation

Your workstation license entitles you to exclusive use by a single named user and excludes automated use of the software, including scheduled batch processing and embedding into other software applications; includes the Revolution R Productivity Environment on the Windows platform only.

Revolution R Enterprise Entry Workstation: Up to 4 cores
Revolution R Enterprise Power Workstation: Up to 8 cores

Revolution R Enterprise Server

A server license of Revolution R Enterprise supports unlimited users, and is required for automated applications including scheduled batch processing, and embedding into other software applications. A server license includes use of the DeployR Web Services framework.

Revolution R Enterprise Training

Revolution Analytics provides world class training, designed and delivered by R programming experts, to ensure that you and your team are immediately productive and able to take advantage of all the features and functions available in Revolution R Enterprise Workstation and Server. In addition to our core product courses, we provide industry specific training opportunities as well as custom, on-site training to bring your entire team up to speed all at the same time.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 10.00.29

Even SAS University Edition is now more generous licencing than Revolution Analytics policy for RevoScaleR.


Yesterday’s revolutionaries for analytics are today’s contented conservatives.

There is lip service paid to FOSS and FOAS by the so called decade long flag bearers of open source in Revolution Analytics.

But isn’t it ironic,  don’t you think?


Author: Ajay Ohri

5 thoughts on “Revolution Analytics and RStudio- Different approaches to being open source in #rstats”

  1. Hello.
    I couldn’t find a Revolution R’s forum to post suggestion on their package, I’ll do it here.
    Two very simple improvements would be:
    – The ability to remove the last output from the screen.
    – The “packages install manager” should allow multiple selection without the need of pressing the Ctrl button. And it should have a quick search box.

  2. Great article–very useful summary of RStudio vs. Revolution Analytics. I wanted to share our approach with TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) as well. TERR is our enterprise platform for the R language, built from the ground up to be faster and more robust than OS R, and focused on enterprise deployment.

    While we offer commercial licenses for deployment, we have a free (as in beer) Developer’s Edition of the TERR engine. It is the full version of the engine, including parallelization, optimized numerical libraries and optimized memory management. It is available at

      1. We don’t have a specific Academic version of TERR, but the Developer’s Edition (at is freely available and usable to academics, and is the full version of the engine. It is also compatible with the RStudio IDE.

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