Big Data Evil Empire

  1. Much more progress has been made in data storage , data querying and data analysis of huge amounts of personally identifiable information , than in encrypting such information
  2. Big Data has as much dual use usage for governments and corporations as uranium has for building bombs or power plants.
  3. There is as much lucre and potential revenue for encrypted data streams in the cloud era – as there for anti virus software in the PC era
  4. Tracking citizens totally is evil- the total costs of such programs is unjustified given the thwarted terrorism plots by Big Data ‘s Cyber Spying. At best I can understand governments spying on citizen’s of other countries to gain advantages in trade
  5. The American dominance of cyber spying and big data threaten to unravel and undermine it’s credibility as de facto leader of the Internet. It proves China’s vision of a walled off internet makes sense and that is a dangerous precedent which could lead to the break up of the internet along national boundaries of electronic fire walls.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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