R in the cloud – Revolution takes to AWS

Finally the people at Revolution Analytics have made their software available on AWS .Interesting development and it remains how it will be followed by other providers in stats software.


Users now have the opportunity to perform statistical analysis and advanced analytics on data sets they might have stored in Amazon’s cloud-based object store Simple Storage Service (S3) or access data from Amazon’s Relational Data Service (RDS).

The cloud offers many benefits to the user, and the AWS Marketplace is no exception. The ability to spin up pre-installed versions of RRE 7 takes all the guesswork out of deployment and provides for a consistent and reliable experience with the software.  Within minutes a user can gain access to R-based analysis from anywhere he or she has an Internet connection.

The Windows version is accessed via Windows Remote Desktop and leverages RRE DevelopR IDE. The Linux version is browser-based and leverages RStudio Server Pro to provide a multi-user IDE.  Both versions are available on instances from 2 – 32 vCPUs and can handle data sets of up to 1 TB for RRE ScaleR analysis. The solution is single-instance only and does not currently offer support for grids or clusters



Technical Details

  • General, Compute, Memory and Storage instances available, 2-32 vCPUs
  • Instances with attached storage recommended. Long-term storage requires EBS or backup to S3
  • Single-server instances only (no cluster or grid support).
  • Revolution R Enterprise DeployR not included.
  • Tech support forums monitored from Sunday, 5:00 PM PDT to Friday, 5:00 PM PDT. Tech support provided in English to registered users only.

Windows Instances

Platform: Windows Server 2008 R2
Revolution R Enterprise version: 7.0.0 (includes R 3.0.0)
Client Requirements: Windows Remote Desktop to access Revolution R Enterprise DeployR IDE

Linux Instances

Platform: Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.4
Revolution R Enterprise version: 7.0.0 (includes R 3.0.0)
Client Requirements: Compatible browse


Try one instance of this product for 14 days. There will be no software charges but AWS infrastructure charges still apply. Free Trials will automatically convert to a paid subscription upon expiration.
Hourly Fees (includes Windows 2008 R2 2008R2 X64)
Total hourly fees will vary by instance type and EC2 region.
EC2 Instance Type Software EC2 Total
Standard Large (m1.large) $2.50/hr $0.364/hr $2.864/hr
Standard XL (m1.xlarge) $5.00/hr $0.728/hr $5.728/hr
High-Memory 2XL (m2.2xlarge) $5.00/hr $1.02/hr $6.02/hr
High-Memory 4XL (m2.4xlarge) $10.00/hr $2.04/hr $12.04/hr
High-CPU XL (c1.xlarge) $5.00/hr $0.90/hr $5.90/hr
High I/O 4XL (hi1.4xlarge) $20.00/hr $3.58/hr $23.58/hr
Cluster Compute 8XL (cc2.8xlarge) $20.00/hr $2.97/hr $22.97/hr
EBS Storage Fees
$0.05 / GB / Month for Standard EBS Storage


Author: Ajay Ohri


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