Creating 3D Graphs with Data in R

Creating 3D graphs  in a 3d scatterplot is a 2 minute task in R using the woderful R Commander GUI. You can see an example video-

I loaded R,                                                                                                                                               then loaded the GUI,                                                                                                                           inputted data (from an attached package) but you can input data from a csv,           then went to Graphs- 3D ScatterPlot.

Here is the result-

and here is the video.

Not bad for 2 minutes of clicking a GUI.

Here is the auto generated code by R Commander.

> data(iris3, package="datasets")
> iris3 <-
> names(iris3) <- make.names(names(iris3))
> library(rgl, pos=4)
> library(mgcv, pos=4)
> scatter3d(iris3$Petal.W..Setosa, iris3$Petal.L..Setosa, +   iris3$Sepal.L..Setosa, fit="linear", residuals=TRUE, bg="black", +   axis.scales=TRUE, grid=TRUE, ellipsoid=FALSE, xlab="Petal.W..Setosa", +   ylab="Petal.L..Setosa", zlab="Sepal.L..Setosa")
> scatter3d(iris3$Petal.L..Versicolor, iris3$Petal.L..Setosa, +   iris3$Petal.L..Virginica, fit="linear", residuals=TRUE, bg="white", +   axis.scales=TRUE, grid=TRUE, ellipsoid=FALSE, xlab="Petal.L..Versicolor", +   ylab="Petal.L..Setosa", zlab="Petal.L..Virginica")
> rgl.snapshot("C:/Documents and Settings/abc/Desktop/RGLGraph.png")

Author: Ajay Ohri

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