My friend -The Computer

my friend the computer

i spend more time with you
than with anything or anyone else
i could leave you behind
but you climb my lap and now have turned mobile

my fingers hurt and my eyes are red
inputting my stuff on you i go on  and on instead
this is crazy not just done
no sooner do I finish writing that
I find I have just begun

for what separates the pretenders from the rest
is the actions not their words that make them the best
so my friend my computer and me
together we create
so much work to be done while the haters hate

news to be read, blogs to be done
code to be executed, and sometimes to be undone
email lists, and online games as well,
dreaming online heaven in offline hell
Words can be sublime so much can be told
My friend my computer and me- together we grow old.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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