Using Red R- R with a Visual Interface

For people complaining about the GUI on R, here is the ah Enterprise Version of R called Red R.

It is available at the website at


You can read more there or just go through the short video created by them at

Basically it is a click and point method of using R with the ability to store schemas and thus very good for repeatable operations as well.

Not bad for epic software, huh?

Author: Ajay Ohri

7 thoughts on “Using Red R- R with a Visual Interface”

  1. There has been a lot of discussion about expanding the widgets and functions in Red-R and automated GUI generation. We have a tool called WidgetMaker which will generate widgets ‘on-the-fly’. You can see a tutorial on this at

    If you plan to use this please use the developers version and update to the latest nightly build which contains updates to make widgetMaker Red-R 1.7-beta compliant.

    Also if you want to use Red-R like an R GUI you can do that too using rExecutor. If you generate something that you want to use with the Red-R widgets you can send it using the send button.

    If anyone has any specific wants or needs just drop us a line at


  2. I have performed a quick evaluation of the software and while is looks beautiful in screenshots and presentations the software is a little to early in development to be of real use. Orange was a great tool, RedR will be a greater tool. The software is not yet suitable for deployment in a commercial setting, and is not really suitable for an academic production environment either. It is however something that could grow into a great competitor for a number of commercial pipeline products. To good to be true? No, this is true, install and play. For the work of 2 guys as a side project this is pretty amazing. Port it to OSX and I’ll join the development!

    1. As you said its not ready for commercial use YET…

      The code base is still unstable, but from the progress we have made the last few months, we aren’t far off. Specific feedback would be great.

      The code is fully platform independent, just haven’t had time to make an installer for OSX.

    1. I have tried R AnalyticFlow and have been using it since.

      1. you love writing your own code — use RAF
      2. Seems, you want drag and click — use Red R.

      I wonder if Red R allows user to write her own code. If so, I would think about switching.

      1. Very similar to R, we intend Red-R to be extendibles. Other can create new widgets, and even share pipelines.

        As we stabilize the code base we will add more of the API documentation to the website.

        One interesting idea we are working on is a widget that will take a R package and function name and generate the pyhton/QT and R code required to make a Red-R widget. Should allow for quick import of R functionality into Red-R.

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