Student Statement: The Right to Research

An initiative by Student Government at U Tenn ( I am a slight pat of Student govt but not of the following ———as  a member of the University of Tennessee Technology, Fee Advisory Board. My current role involves increasing funding for bears like koala 😉  )

Scholarly knowledge is part of the common wealth of humanity.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the scholarly literature, despite advances in communications technology.  The high cost of academic journals restricts access to knowledge; in some fields, prices can reach $20,000 for a single journal subscription1 or $30 for an individual article.2 Despite these high prices, authors of scholarly articles are not paid for their work. The profits from these publications go solely to the publishers of the journals.  A vast amount of research is funded from public sources – yet taxpayers are locked out by the cost of access.


I suppose companies like SAS Institute ( with a nice SAS Publishing arm- I got a SAS Enterprise Guide book for predictive analytics from them) Aster Data ( which needs all the BIG DATA programmers and researchers including students), SPSS ( with IBM’s backing and pedigree of R and D) , and SAP (with University Network) and even the dropout* founded Oracle

can help by sponsoring journal articles so as to

1) Increase pool of developers who remain loyal to that platform for life ( similar to companies offering student credit cards)

2) Increase visibility as a low cost advertising medium.


( *Amazing- Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Trilogy, Aster (partly) , JMP (partly) it seems to get really really rich- one has to go to Grad School, make a tech company and drop out.

Maybe I do a research paper on this hypothesis using some kind of ANOVA, T tests)

If you believe students have Right to Research and you can help by stepping in to help both article authors and students come closer AND makes good sense for your business


Author: Ajay Ohri

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