Video on Big Data

A terrific video on challenges of handling Big Data by ComScore

comScore is the global source of digital market intelligence and the most preferred measurement service. Clients turn to comScore for objective, accurate and reliable insights into consumers’ online behavior and for details into their demographic characteristics, attitudes, lifestyles and offline activities.

It is a good educational video (simple and short) for people wanting to understand what exactly does SQL and MapReduce integration helps in analytics. Basically with bigger data, ease of querying is as important if not more as most descriptive statistics consists of summarization and slicing and dicing appropriate cuts of data. When it comes to predictive analytics or hypothesis testing the traditional statistics requires tweaking of their assumptions including continuity corrections and confidence intervals can be trickier if not handled properly.

I met the chaps at Com Score at Big Data Summit and they seemed to have a tremendous amount of data- literally measuring the whole internet everyday.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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