Interesting community event by R/Statistical community


StackOverflow Flash Mob for the R User Community
Moderated by: Michael E. Driscoll
7:00pm Wednesday, 07/22/2009
Location: Ballroom A2

In concert with users online across the country, this session will lead a flashmob to populate StackOverflow with R language content.

R, the open source statistical language, has a notoriously steep learning curve. The same technical questions tend be asked repeatedly on the R-help mailing lists, to the detriment of both R experts (who tire of repeating themselves) and the learners (who often receive a technically correct, but terse response).

We have developed a list of the most common 100 technical R questions, based on an analysis of (i) queries sent to the web portal, and (ii) an examination of the R-help list archives, and (iii) a survey of members of R Users Groups in San Francisco, LA, and New York City.

In the first hour, participants will pair up to claim a question, formulate it on StackOverflow, and provide a comprehensive answer. In the second hour, participants will rate, review, and comment on the set of submitted questions and answers.

While Stackoverflow currently lacks content for the R language, we believe this effort will provide the spark to attract more R users, and emerge as a valuable resource to the growing R community.

This is an interesting example of a statistical software community using twitter for a tech help event. I hope this trend/ event gets replicated again and again-

Statisticians worldwide unite in the language of maths !!!

Please follow @rstatsmob to participate. See you at 7 PM PST!

Author: Ajay Ohri

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