Growing Rapidly: Rapid Miner 4.5

The Europe based Rapid Miner came out with version 4.5 of their data mining tool ( also known as Yale) with a much promising “Script” tool.

Also, Rapid Miner came in 1st in open source data mining tools in a poll by Industry benchmark

They have a brilliant video here for people who just want to have a look at the new Rapid Miner


New Operators:

  • FormulaExtractor
  • Trend
  • LagSeries
  • VectorLinearRegression
  • ExampleSetMinus
  • ExampleSetIntersect
  • Partition
  • Script
  • ForwardSelection
  • NeuralNetImproved
  • KernelNaiveBayes
  • ExhaustiveSubgroupDiscovery
  • URLExampleSource
  • NonDominatedSorting

More Features:

  • The new Script operator allows for arbitrary user defined operations based on Groovy script combined with a simplified RapidMiner syntax
  • Improved the join operator and added options for left and right outer joins
  • New notification mail mechanism at the end of processes
  • Most file based data input operators now provide an option to skip error lines
  • Most file based example source operators as well as the IOObjectReader and the new URLExampleSource now accept URLs instead of a filename for the input source location

Author: Ajay Ohri

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