For the past one week I have been fending off repeated denial of service attacks on

My email addresses are widely known thanks to my participation on technical forums and my willingness to reach out and make friends ( 8500+ on Linkedin alone).

While the attacks were particularly vicious including email accounts, server changes, ip addresses to deny certain geographies, poisoned RSS feed/scripts, and scripts in folders to re direct posts.

Thanks to the fine team supporting me and some friendly advice from bloggers at Google- the worst is over. I have not hesitated to bash Google at will over its big size and even added a few cartoons on them – (even now I think they should sell Orkut to Facebook and add Twitter to create a spinoff Google Social Media for an IPO and take that particularly search and advertising)

But Google Search and Gmail and Google Analytics and Particularly Youtube are free- and thanks to them knowledge has spread way around the world. Also working behind the scenes the Google team spends a huge amount fighting spam and all for free. Or a bit of advertising on a website.

Thanks a lot Google men, and here is a You Tube video ( which you may have seen many times before but still) that celebrates the one ness of a global online community ( despite the occasional sith attacks)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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