An R Package only for SAS Users

Dear All,

I am doing some research into creating a R Package for SAS language Users.

The name of the beta package is Anne, but I am open to suggestions for the name please.

The basic idea is to enable SAS language Users (especially Windows SAS language  users) to get a feel to try out the R package without getting overwhelmed with the matrix level powerful capabilities as well as command line interface.

Creating new functions is quite easy as the following code shows.

The first R code for the Anne 1.0 Package is

procunivariate(x) <- function(x) summary(x)

procimportcsv(x) <- function(x) read.table(x,header=TRUE,

                           + sep=,, row.names=id, na.string=   )

libname(x) <-function(x) setwd(x)


Note I am tweaking the code as we speak and would be trying to add one proc per week.

But how to put functions in a R Package ?

This is how to create a R package ( To be Continued)

Note- SAS here refers to SAS Language.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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