Bailout Poem

Two kids were talking in the park, and they played a game.

Who was the tougher guy, What is your daddys name.


My daddy worked on Wall Street , and boy he was so good,

He created more money out of money,oh yes , he sure could.

But good times had to end, times turned tough.

but my daddy was tougher, he changed tactics soon enough.


By the proper contributions, and fundraisers ball,

He got the government to bail him out, in billions ,thats not small.

Your daddy is such a loser , he paid taxes on time,

filled his 401 k account, and committed no white/blue collar crime.


Thats why your daddy stands in line, in the cutback recession stall

Hoping to get food stamps , which have grown more since last fall.

If your daddy got the billions , he would have created stuff,

He would have created startups and jobs, the world needs that enough.


My daddy worked on Main Street, in an old American factory of cars,

He created good cars when young, but lost out in the oil price wars.

He may not have paid the fundraisers, but he is a honest man,

Your daddy might be richer, but my dad is the ordinary Ameri-CAN


By the sweat of his brow, and the toil of his arms,

My dad will rise  despite this fall,

If we could kick Nazi and Commi Butt,

Your dads dishonest white collar butt is even more small.


the kids moved on to another game, but what about Mr YOU.

are you going to be a wolf or a sheep, while the big guy fleeces us too.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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