Tip: Google Docs for backup during Travel

My standard procedure while traveling is to upload a copy of E tickets, scanned copis of passport and Visas ,Insurance documents, identification on Google Docs. Share them with my family. It allows access from anywhere where there is an internet so quite useful if traveling and you want to back up travel documents safely.(Note Some details hidden)



For important meeting especially bulky presentations, I upload to Google docs, to avoid/back up hardware failure. Also loading them in browser is faster and looks better during the meeting (besides getting a wow factor)


Only problem- Google Docs doesnot support PDF uploads more than 10 mb. This is especially a problem when creating a large number of graphs using R, as they can be heavy. The workaround is splitting the PDF (if it is a normal document) , or Modifying R for pictures per page to reduce size.


image PDFimage PPT

So Try uploading a sample document to www.docs.google.com today and get surprsied.

For creating a free collobrative space between team members globally ,similarly check out http://sites.google.com .

If you want you can even build your corporate intranet or knowledge sharing wiki here , and track usage statistics through Google Analytics.


Cost is free. No ads. Since Google earns so much from ads and now from phones, this is their way of changing the way the world works better.

ps You can download all data/maintain offline copies using Google Gears and click delete in less than a minute if you need to shut it down.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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