Flavours of Search Engines

Yes there is life outside Google in Search.

Consider the following search engines –

1) www.Indeed.com – For Jobs . I tested it for a month and used a RSS feed to get results in My Yahoo reader.

Excellent,convenient ,better than any job or search engine (even  google.com for jobs)


2) www.PipL.com -For People search -this is quite good. Use it to research potential clients, bosses,employees or even yourself.


3) www.Guruji.com The India based search engine .Divides categories into most searched categories.Also used user feedback to iterate and improve results.


4) www.mp3.baidu.com One of the most widely used HTTP search engines for .Mp3 files (other than Torrent or FTP files ). However it is in Chinese and legality of downloads is not sure either.


5) www.Cuil.com Pronounced Cool. It is started by Ex Google Inc people. Good featues include design, auto suggest, very good layout of results. Still building up its index of cached web pages (thats the database from which search engines retrrive information), but stilll good enough for most mainstream queries. Also uses a suggest site faeture to jumpstart the search index.



6) www.Ask.com Changing Skins , Categoried Search,Layered Output.

It is a very innovative search engine.


But Google still rules . And with the Yahoo search deals – it will capture 90 % of search market.Never before in the history of man, has so many searches by so few websites.

Unless Microsoft -Advertising clients stop the merger.The irony of Microsoft petioning another company for monopoly – well thats the technology world for you !!

Note-Screenshots belong to respective websites. Visit them for a personal take.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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