OT:Books,Copyrights and Career Articles

Here is a list of articles written by me for a Website circa Jan-March 2008 during my free lance days. I accepted payment for them (400 USD for ten articles) from a senior Alumnus from my B school, so the copyright belongs to this website.

I tried combining into a free -ebook , but it seems once you give away your product, you really give it away.Even from yourself.

Anyway, if you are a student, or have a young teenager wondering which career road to take, these articles might just help you. Not most of the context is in India, but they can also be used with some customization for other countries.

They are March 2008 dated , so not updated for recent Wall Street events 🙂













However if you are in the need for some poetry -here are some books for me.

The royalty is Rs 1 for me, but the books are between 3 and 4 USD.Took me

six years to write. But this time - I kept the Copyright :)




Just remember to check fineprint of the wiki,or a website community regarding copyright

when you are contributing something including code/articles/opinions. This issue came up on the SAS -L

list also recently.

Sometimes you end up just giving away your work to people without knowing it is gone forever.


Author: Ajay Ohri


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