R and Google Docs

I was working on R and generating a huge number of graphs. These then needed to be uploaded to Google Docs for Collobrative working. A bit taxed, I asked a query on the

R Help list r-help@r-project.org

My fears were right – there was no such package. But then a great programming wizard Duncan from Omegahat wrote back that he has just developed a package to do that.

Hallejuah !

Cloud computing /Google Docs say hello to the R Statistics package.

R say hello to the cloud.

R can be used for data mining as well (but it is dependent on RAM as it works in RAM memory).It is an ideal fit for Statistics Packages as a SaaS on something like Amazon EC2 given high annual costs of  other stats packages, and local hardware needed.

I first wrote about this fit in the Ohri Framework which talks of the fit of cloud computing and open source statistics.R is free and has thousands of developers.

Anyways ,Download the RGoogleDocs package from below site



The RGoogleDocs package

Last Release: 0.1-0 (24 Sep 2008)

This package is an example of using the RCurl and XML packages to quickly develop an interface to the Google Documents API. It was written to test RCurl and also to illustrate how to use these tools with modern Web applications. Google Documents is a REST "application" and so this is an example of using R to interface to that.

The package allows you to get a list of the documents and details about each of them, download the contents of a document, remove a document, and upload a document, even binary files.

There is some documentation for the package at this point in the form of a "user’s guide" (or in PDF form). These are included with the package.

If you want to upload binary files, you will want to install a beta version of the RCurl package. Duncan Temple Lang <duncan@wald.ucdavis.edu> Last modified: Wed Sep 24 11:51:45 PDT 2008


Author: Ajay Ohri


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