Funny Story from College

This actually happened to me in Business School. At the end of year 1, we do summer internships. Some of the lucky ones then get job offers from the companies that they worked with in Summer.


Well I and two other batchmates worked with a company called G… So when G… came back on campus to take interviews from summer internships for the next year, they pre announced that they will give job offers or pre placement offers to 2 summer interns . We were thrilled. 2 out of 3.

Then comes my Placement Chairman, Professor M. He comes to me, shakes hands and congratulates me…saying hey Ajay, great job, You just got a job offer from company G… All my batchmates back slap me, some even give me job bumps .

2 hours later Professor M comes back, aplogizes and says he got the names wrong. I am the 1 out of the three who didnt get the job offer.

Leaving me awestruck, and my friends too embarassed to say anything.

Professor M, avoided me out of embarrassment ( I used to go out of my way to wish him Good Morning, Sir ) till end of second year , till I finally landed a job.

Ah ! College days!

True Corporate Story


From a news story 

American Apparel chief executive Dov Charney is facing a sexual harassment trial. He denies the charges.

Dov Charney, founder and chief executive of casual fashion giant American Apparel, acknowledges that he has appeared in his underwear many times in front of male and female employees.

And yes, on a few occasions during work meetings, he donned a skimpy garment that barely covered his genitals.

But those events, he said, have to be understood in the context of the fashion industry

“I’m the CEO of a public company,” he said in a recent interview. “I manage 7,000 employees in 14 countries. . . . Could I have done all this where I’m inappropriate all the time? Where I’m running around in my underwear all the time?”

As creative director of the company, he appointed himself fit model, the person who tests the look and size of his men’s line. He has even appeared in the ads. “I weigh 155 pounds, I’m five-10. Am I not fit? Is there any job that is not appropriate for me to do?” he said. “All the big guys did exactly what I do. Versace — they all wore their own bathing suits.”

In a deposition, he said that during the time of Nelson’s employment he “frequently had been in my underpants . . . because I was designing an underwear line.”

“I’m very proud of the underwear,” he added.

In an interview, he also defended appearing in front of Nelson with just his genitals covered. “The demonstration of the” garment, Charney said, “was a product we were considering — and I was in fit condition for it.” He ultimately decided against putting it in the American Apparel line

IWANNACRIB: What do you call a Boss who wears underwear in front of everyone?

ANSWER         :Superman CEO

The Flight :A Crib in Poetry

aeroplane-in-sunset.jpgDamn flight is a a damn late

First thing in the morning

Something I hate

Now I watch with bemused smile

Watch the masses trickle in

if but for a while

Then announcements ,so loud and clear

buckle up, store your bag

Watch the safety drill dear

Here comes the blue clad air hostess

Teaching the various ways

To Exit and Egress

Please start the plane,

Its All started now again

Loud humming sound of the airborne train

Just when I catch a bit of sleep

Blue Clad hostess offers fresh juice please

No thanks Sleepily I try to feign

Impossible co passenger wants to go to the loo again

All too soon, flight is about to land

Buckle up again, loud voices demand

Screech and thud, these voices then command

Thank you sir, Please fly with us again

Blue clad Hostess smiles to compensate air borne pain

(From my book )

Engineering Professors


My best professor could also be my worst at times.

His name was S and he taught a class called Diffusional Mass Transfer

Unlike other engineering professors, he allowed no books in the test and he gave no partial creadit for setting up the problem correctly. You had to memorize all the formulae and if your numerical answer was wrong you got 0 points for that question.

The funniest thing he did (and I am sure he did this every semester) was to respond to all the shock and amazement at the grading for the first test (which was – gasp – actually as he said it would be) by saying:

Perhaps you are right.

Maybe I should give partial credit for partially right answers.

And maybe when one of twenty supports for a bridge collapses, the engineer who built it should still get an A – after all 95% of the supports held.

And by the same logic, if one engine falls offf a plane then we should give the designer of the plane a 75 because the other three still stayed connected to the plane.

Dr. S went on this way for 15 minutes.

He did not change his policy, but we changed the way we thought about what we were learning to do.

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