The Flight :A Crib in Poetry

aeroplane-in-sunset.jpgDamn flight is a a damn late

First thing in the morning

Something I hate

Now I watch with bemused smile

Watch the masses trickle in

if but for a while

Then announcements ,so loud and clear

buckle up, store your bag

Watch the safety drill dear

Here comes the blue clad air hostess

Teaching the various ways

To Exit and Egress

Please start the plane,

Its All started now again

Loud humming sound of the airborne train

Just when I catch a bit of sleep

Blue Clad hostess offers fresh juice please

No thanks Sleepily I try to feign

Impossible co passenger wants to go to the loo again

All too soon, flight is about to land

Buckle up again, loud voices demand

Screech and thud, these voices then command

Thank you sir, Please fly with us again

Blue clad Hostess smiles to compensate air borne pain

(From my book )

Author: Ajay Ohri

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