Funny Story from College

This actually happened to me in Business School. At the end of year 1, we do summer internships. Some of the lucky ones then get job offers from the companies that they worked with in Summer.


Well I and two other batchmates worked with a company called G… So when G… came back on campus to take interviews from summer internships for the next year, they pre announced that they will give job offers or pre placement offers to 2 summer interns . We were thrilled. 2 out of 3.

Then comes my Placement Chairman, Professor M. He comes to me, shakes hands and congratulates me…saying hey Ajay, great job, You just got a job offer from company G… All my batchmates back slap me, some even give me job bumps .

2 hours later Professor M comes back, aplogizes and says he got the names wrong. I am the 1 out of the three who didnt get the job offer.

Leaving me awestruck, and my friends too embarassed to say anything.

Professor M, avoided me out of embarrassment ( I used to go out of my way to wish him Good Morning, Sir ) till end of second year , till I finally landed a job.

Ah ! College days!

Author: Ajay Ohri

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