A Laptop for A Child for Christmas

I recently won some 250 $ for contributor of the month at www.analyticbridge.com.  Since I enjoy doing that ,contributing to analytics communities – it was hardly work for me. So I decided to donate 200 $ to One Laptop per Child. It is based on the concept (my opinion) that if you give someone a fish, he will eat for a day , if you teach someone how to fish , they will eat for a lifetime. Here are the official words from them.

Laptop Project
Laptop Project
five core principles
Child OwnershipI wear my XO like my pair of shoes.
Low AgesI have good XO shoes for a long walk.
SaturationA healthy education is a vaccination, it reaches everybody and protects from ignorance and intolerance.
ConnectionWhen we talk together we stay together.
Free and Open SourceGive me a free and open environment and I will learn and teach with joy.


10 Sep 2008

Dear AJAY,

Thank you for your contribution of $200.00 to the One Laptop per Child
Foundation. Further we confirm that no tangible benefits were received by you,
the donor, in exchange for the gift referenced above.

The mission of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement is to ensure that every
school-aged child in the lesser-developed parts of the world is able to engage
effectively with their own personal laptop, networked to the world, so that
they, their families and their communities can openly collaborate as they learn
and learn about learning together.

The OLPC Foundation is focused on enhancing and sustaining learning among those
children, their families and communities in lesser developed communities by
ensuring rich, diverse and open access to innovative learning materials and by
encouraging interactive learning, communication and exploration with their XO
laptops. For this purpose the Foundation provides grants and other support for
the development and use of collaborative learning resources and other
initiatives that enrich children’s learning and learning about learning. We
will also provide support the purchase of laptops for children.

Your contribution will help us move forward with these important programs for
children. Please tell your friends and colleagues about the One Laptop per
Child program (www.laptop.org) and encourage them also to support our mission.


Robert D. Fadel
One Laptop per Child Foundation

How many children are you going to teach computers this Christmas ? ? ?

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