Interview – Naveen Gattu, COO and Co-Founder at Gramener #dataviz

Here is an interview with Naveen Gattu, COO and co-founder of Gramener ,one of the most happening data science companies.


Ajay- Describe the story so far for Gramener. What have been the key turning points ?

Naveen- All founders of Gramener are first generation entrepreneurs, started our careers with IBM were very successful in our corporate jobs with hefty pay packages, but always at the back of the mind can’t we work our ourselves and have FUN.

With this thought in mind 6 of us got together in 2010 to lay foundation for Gramener, with our consulting experience we wanted to get into business analytics , but soon we realized that there are lot many people who are doing great analytics but not an effective way of presentation, we wanted to establish niche for ourselves and create an offering to make “Data Consumption” easy and joyful.


Our significant milestone was Airtel Continue reading “Interview – Naveen Gattu, COO and Co-Founder at Gramener #dataviz”

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