Facebook has a cool change !!

After a rather big series on outsourcing, we are back reporting on technolgy.

Facebook now has chat available between contacts.

Yes it is quite light and fast.

No you might not voice chat as of now.

Yes the design is much better than Gtalk, Yahoo, Skype,Hotmail combined.


I uploaded my entire Linked In list (2500 contacts ) (using export CSV function in Linkedin and upload contact file in Facebook) and sent them a facebook invite.

With a 10 % response rate and luckily 0 % no complaint rate  , I aim to chat with some of the top 250 professionals I know of, besides some fast aging batch mates.

Web 2.0 is cool ,huh !

FaceBook loses out to Google Driven Initiative…?

These are early days , but almost all the top Facebook application games like Triumph, Dope Wars Online etc are starting to get versions on MySpace and hi5. This basically means that the Facebook era of exclusive applications may face a threat from the open source applications of Google driven APIs that enable developers to make games that transcend all social networks.

This space is heating up, and the latecomers to the social networking party might just Facebook as the harbinger of Web 2.0 crash just as NetScape was to Web1.0 crash.

Speaking of which, the Mozilla Firefox browser is Beta Stage for Version 3. Yes…it is a cool one….and Yes the Force is Strong within Google despite the share price..:)

Macro Economics,Blogs and Web 2.0

My last post on why expensive oil may just provide liquidity to the global financial system produced some acute reactions on Facebook when someone read it using a Facebook app I use for sharing.

As for using Web 2.0 tools for blogs,

I use Facebook apps called Blog friends and Notes , they give me a continuous feed of friends blogs and similarly promote my blog. I also use the Stumble Upon tool bar in Mozilla Firefox browser , which enables me to submit my post to Stumble upon in less than 10 seconds. The free traffic works.And we have a Decision Stats group on http://www.linkedin.com , which of course provides much better networking than Facebook.

I recently started experimenting with blog tool called www.tumblr.com , which seems a cousin of www.wordpress.com , the software which currently runs this site. If you don’t have the bandwidth (or the money ) but need to put up a site , use WordPress.

And if you want to subscribe to the newsletter , please see the right bar. That is enabled thanks to www.feedburner.com , another company taken over by Google.

From Yahoo to Facebook via Twitter

 try this only if –

You like music

You like technology

Have time on hand and want to have fun

I listen to internet radio using Yahoo Messenger’s Launchcast Plugin. Very good music, not too many ads (for free users like me) and good connectivity. I then enable the option of my status message in Yahoo Messenger to be the same as the song I am listening to.

I also use another Yahoo Messenger Plugin called Twitter Sync from WackyB.co.nz

It updates my Twitter account with the song I am listening to.

And on Facebook, I use a facebook application called Twitter 🙂 . It downloads my Twitter status and changes my Facebook status.

So there, changing my facebook status from my yahoo messenger . And listening to free music too !!

Mash that !!!

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