Writing for kdnuggets.com

I have been writing freelance for kdnuggets.com

Its a great learning for me to be a better writer especially for analytics and programming

These are a list of articles -interviews are in bold and I will keep updating this list when there are new additions

  1. Interview: Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner CEO on “Predaction” and Key Turning Points June 2014

  2. Guide to Data Science Cheat Sheets 2014/05/12

  3. Book Review: Data Just Right 2014/04/03
  4. Exclusive Interview: Richard Socher, founder of etcML, Easy Text Classification Startup 2014/03/31
  5. Trifacta – Tackling Data Wrangling with Automation and Machine Learning 2014/03/17
  6. Paxata automates Data Preparation for Big Data Analytics 2014/03/07
  7. etcML Promises to Make Text Classification Easy  2014/03/05
  8. Wolfram Breakthrough Knowledge-based Programming Language – what it means for Data Science? 2014/03/02

Talking on Cloud Computing

I am scheduled to deliver a talk here-http://chennai.vit.ac.in/isbcc/ . Will post slides once I am done!

1st International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges(ISBCC-2014)

Mr. Ajay Ohri


Data Analytics using the Cloud – Challenges and Opportunities for India

The availability of the cloud offers unprecedented democratic access to high performance computing. How is India’s Information Technology powerhouse industry willing to exploit the shift in computing from the PC to the tablet/mobile/internet with the cloud replacing servers as thebackend. What are some of the challenges including privacy, legal, regulatory and national in cloud computing. How can we use open source analytics like R with public clouds to drive much more innovation in the Indian economy? The talk will address all this.

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