Conference of the year: KDD 2009

This is one great co9nference you should attend if you have the time and inclination to check out latest advances in the world of Knowledge discovery. While KXEN ( from whom I consult on social madia) is a Gold Sponser- the following posts on workshops, demos and  papers will show you just how much technical stuff as opposed to marketing bullshit and jazz ( as in other confs)  is available in this conference. So pack your bags, and Viva La France for a grueling refreshing course in Knowledge Discovery and Text Mining. Incidentally KXEN intend to show their path breaking cutting edge social network analysis software KSN here.

Disclaimer- I am a social media consultant to KXEN.

Conferences: KXEN and KDD 09

Here is an announcement regarding one of the foremost conferences on Knowledge Discovery KDD 2009 which is being held in Paris. We have interviewed the joint general chair of the conference, KXEN’s Francoise Soulie Fogelman here at

Indeed given KXEN’s exciting release of their social network analysis software, KSN they are also gold sponsors for the conference. You should view the archives here or read more here

From KXEN’s Press Release-

World’s Best Data Mining Knowledge and Expertise on Show
in Paris at KDD-09

Eminent data mining researchers, academics and practitioners from across the world are honing their presentation skills and charging their laptops in readiness for the industry’s largest and most respected conference, this year being staged for the first time in Europe, in the city of Paris.

The knowledge discovery and data mining 2009 (KDD-09) event will bring together more than 600 specialists, representing the single largest body of expertise in the science and application of data mining technology for industry, government and academia. They will discuss recent discoveries in data mining and share innovative ways of applying the technology in real world business.

Running from the 28th June to 1st July, KDD-09 will feature more than 120 presentations by experts from the US, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific. A 20% increase in papers submitted reflects the growing importance of data mining in financially constrained markets. Companies taking part include Orange as a platinum sponsor and Microsoft adCenterLabs and KXEN as gold sponsors. Silver sponsors are Bayesia, Google, HP labs, Pervasive, SAS, Vadis and Yahoo!. Other sponsors include Alberta Center for Machine Learning, Pascal2, Socio Logiciels, Statsoft, Zementis, SFDS, IBM and SIGMOD.

Joint general chair of KDD-09, Francoise Soulie Fogelman, VP Business Development KXEN, says the conference offers a unique chance to see the very latest thinking in data mining. “Some of the best minds from the scientific and business communities will be there, ready and willing to share the results of their cutting edge research and data mining projects with end users. No other industry event offers anything like the depth and breadth of expertise on offer here.”

A particular focus for 2009 will be social network analysis: the discovery and use for competitive advantage of the links between people in social and professional networks. Currently a hot topic among data mining professionals – especially those working in the telecommunications sector – this technique will feature in theoretical and workshop presentations. Details will also be revealed of the world’s first practical applications involving industrial scale volumes of data. Gold sponsor KXEN will present on its booth its recently revealed KSN social network module, helping companies extract valuable new intelligence for better customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell and up-sell campaigns.

Other exhibitors include sponsors as well as Cambridge University Press, Cap Digital, Elsevier, Morgan Claypool Publishers, Oracle, Salford Systems, Springer and Taylor & Francis CRC press.

Also high on the agenda are real-time Web applications for data mining for custom advertising and personalized offers, both seen as crucial to online marketing and sales but both also requiring technologies able to handle very large volumes of data in real time.

Away from science and technology, delegates will also have a chance to sample the best of Paris architecture and hospitality on the evening of 29th June in the main reception room at the exclusive Hotel de Ville – a venue normally reserved for visiting heads of state. A cocktail reception hosted by KXEN will follow presentations, including a welcome from Jean-Louis Missika, the Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Innovation, Research and Universities.

There will also be the presentation of awards of the KDD cup by Dr. Isabelle Guyon (ClopiNet). The cup is awarded to the winners of a contest around predicting customer scores from large marketing databases. It, and other prize awards, are being sponsored by the French telecommunications company Orange and Google.

KDD-09 is organized by the data mining special interest group of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society. The ACM provides resources that advance computing both as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field’s premier digital library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.

More details, program & registration:

About KXEN

KXEN, The Data Mining Automation Company™ delivers next-generation Customer Lifecycle Analytics to enterprises that depend on analytics as a competitive advantage. KXEN’s Data Mining Automation Solution drives significant improvements in customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell and risk applications. Its solution integrates predictive analytics into strategic business processes, allowing customers to drive greater value into their business. Find out more by visiting


Disclaimer- I am a social media consultant to KXEN.

Weathering the Stormy Economy

Here is a conference you may want to visit. At first glance it may look like one of those self-help free webinars but it is a very relevant topic with a great speaker. Plus it is on the web.


Free Seminar Hosted by SAP Business Objects
Thursday, March 12, 2009
11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST
Robin Fray Carey, CEO of Social Media Today will discuss the best ideas gathered from, SMT’s online community for growth companies. Plus, two fast-growing companies, Fresh Direct, and The Life is good Company, will share their practical recommendations on how to manage business and IT priorities in these challenging times. Register today.

Social Media Today builds Wordframe based communities like Smart Data Collective ( for data ,BI,Analytics people) Best of the Blogs ( for progressive bloggers), Energy Collective ( for Green energy enthusiasts,thinkers and researchers) ,Social Media Today ( for understanding and leveraging Social Media and Networks) and My VenturePad (for Entrepreneurs).

These communities basically work as online newspapers by aggregating and moderating the RSS feeds of thousands of bloggers (for some sites) and their sites. I have written on Wordframes concept of content driven communities and Nings concept of community driven content earlier.

Disclaimer- I have worked as an evangelist to SMT , have been awarded the Blogger of the Week once (for my article on R).

For other conferences you may also want to see AnalyticBridge s page on conferences.

Disclaimer -I have been awarded the Member of the Month twice by them.

I like the third party apps of Ning better than the old outdated format and themes. One Ning application can actually serve as a competitor to Wordframe that is the RSS application ( see feed on my page ).Wordframe has capabilities for even category level filters so Analytics category  feed goes to Smart Data ,Internet category feed gets published on Social Media (when i am lucky) and my attempts at poetry go to Best of The Blogs.

The Decision Stats group (on Linkedin) also has a group on AnalyticBridge.

But why join so many communities and go to webinars ? Because knowledge is useful and productive and fun and I have a personal motto of learning one new thing a day .

Where do you get the time ?Just sleep one hour less and devote that one hour purely to your self learning for yourself.8 hours to the boss, 4-5 hours to the family.

1 hour to yourself ??

Sounds reasonable, eh  🙂

So try this one –

Offer for Decision Stats Readers

Here is an offer for Decision Stats readers , its a nice conference as per the website and if you are in Pharma forecasting a reasonable one to try out.

Offer: A discounted ticket for the major Pharma Forecasting Excellence Summit? This 500 discount off any pass is only available this week

The European Pharma Forecasting Excellence Summit is the biggest and most exciting meeting-place for European Pharma Forecasting and Marketing executives like you. This year its on 20-22 April in Madrid.

What  is there:

  1. Relevance – Weve spent months listening to your challenges to find the most relevant topics to help you keep ahead.
  2. Learn from our best ever line-up of pharma marketing speakers. Learn from world experts as well as your peers. We dont invite anyone only the most relevant for you with the best case studies.
  3. No sales pitches. This is an independent event.
  4. Meet people who may change your forecasting forever. No other event in Europe can provide you with 2 days of business focused networking with so many of the most influential people in pharma forecasting and marketing. Like many before you, you could make the connections that extend your network and change your career forever
  5. World exclusive case studies. No other event can deliver such knowledgeable insights and answers to key marketing challenges you face more facts and less vague theory
  6. Discounts the sooner you book the more you save
  7. Register Now. Dont forget to download the brochure and see all the topics: Download Brochure

Whom to Contact:

Claire Poole

Head of Forecasting – EU


T: +44 (0) 207 375 7516

F: +44 (0) 207 375 7576


The full ticket prices:


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