Dear Future Data Scientists

Be a data scientist in 6 months. Learn R or SAS or Python in 6 weeks. Learn Data science by doing one capstone project on one dataset.

Sorry mate, there are no short cuts to success.

Your real data science journey begins AFTER you learn the statistics AFTER you learn the techniques AFTER you learn the tools like R/SAS/Python.

A couple of datasets like Iris / Boston / German Credit / Scraping Tweets wont do it. A few weeks on kaggle wont do it.

You probably need to spend a few more months on Kaggle and a few more months on competitive programming like will bring your data science dreams closer.

Disclaimer-I have interviewed potential data scientists and I have taught on some of these kind of courses. #datascience #python #programming #r #statistics  #datasets

Author: Ajay Ohri

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