Internships are like magic for budding data scientists

Internships are the magic that a student to convert to data scientist. Not everyone can solve Kaggle contests while still in engineering or other schools. Not everyone has the money to pay for private institute’s training which basically teach R, Python or SAS but not analytical thinking when confronted with a messy real life dataset.

A project in such training is worth much less than the experience of internships.

Companies who have existing data science teams should also try and give internships to create a  steadier supply of data scientists for their operations besides building a bigger brand in data science recruitment.

Meetups and LinkedIn groups( Facebook groups) are good places to offer internships and students should make attending Meetups as a pseudo proxy part of curriculum with the goal of landing internships in each year of their summer/winter break. #analytics #recruiting #python #r #meetup  #engineers #internships #datascience

Author: Ajay Ohri

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