How Youtube and Google search is a bigger problem for copyright than actual video content

A typical argument put by Google when confronted by music producers or artists (like Prince or Metallica) is that the number of youtube videos is too many to be taken down. But the problem is that search enables copyright infringement. Just make it tougher to search for copyrighted material available free than try to play whack a mole with the content one by one.

Screenshot from 2016-04-25 09:03:24

This can be easily prevented by following basic principles of web analytics-

  1. identify the web searches which lead to copyright infringement ( for music or movies)
  2. put a warning message that the search query leads to a copyrighted material which user does not have access
  3. create a separate section for subscribers that allows users access to it  for money and share money with content creators (some streaming service)

even for my books (see )  where I had to struggle to get search results purged one by one for ” Free Download of R for Business Analytics).

rather than purge the actual content- why not purge the search query- that means a search query is clearly malicious

Apparently Google can take a stand against guns and Youtube can do it against Porn but they are not willing to do so for Music! You are welcome, Musicians!

(This article was inspired by Prince)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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