How I became a social media expert without spamming people

  • social_media_expertPolite hello gets me more work contracts than aggressive pitches. I am not afraid to say hello, but I always write a crisp two line on why I am saying hello. Short and sweet messaging rules today’s era. Attention span is short. Brevity is the soul of tweet.


  • There is no such thing as a free lunch or a free connection. People are getting too many emails asking them for stuff. I dont ask for free advice, jobs, or anything in first three exchanges on a digital medium


  • I try to curb my impatience and listen to people. Everyone has an interesting story.


  • Internet and Social media change everyday. This will lead to you making mistakes if you are passionate on expanding your network. I make mistakes while learning new things on internet. I learn from mistakes. I make new mistakes next time not repeat them


  • everyone dislikes spammers. A spam is an unsolicited email a digital cold call that asks the receiver for his time. yes we all have to build our brand, project our knowledge and sell our services. minimize digital spam.


  • Sense of humor helps build connections. If you can make them smile they are on the hook. 1902893_10152395459325658_5599190800305402465_n


  • I avoid search engine optimization because I assume people at Google are smarter than me. I use honesty and common sense in my blog writing titles and categories.


  • Loving my job and my field of expertise is more important than showing my greed for new contracts or clients. As Warren Buffet said , balance your greed and your fear.


  • When someone is unpleasant to me on Internet, I use block button very fast. That is why I try and not lose my temper at all on internet. It is working better as I am growing older


  • I am curious to learn new things from new people. 80% of my business has come from my 11000 LinkedIn  connections in past five years.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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