Famous in X but Failure in Y

Some of my friends on the internet and in real life love food. Note the distinction between internet friends and real life friends. There is more to genuine long lasting relationships than exchange of engaging bits bytes and moving your mouse on icons to say I love this, I plus one that, I really adore it.

Well my friends and I, we love food. Some of us , in fact most of us eat food. Some of us click pictures and share in on the anti-social media. Anti-social because it is anti-real life socializing. A few of us cook food. One or two write recipes. Occasionally one of us tries to make food his business by floating the idea of opening a restaurant. This is despite the fact that just eating food is ahem easy and running a restaurant  business  is inherently risky.

Making your passion into a business is a dream and privilege that is offered to very few of us.  Athletes, technology startup founders, Drug Lords.

Occasionally one may be a success in one line of the business. Someone who loves food can write good books, but will you exchange your mom’s apple pie for that telegenic chef. Someone who writes good books on food can automatically run a very good restaurant. No. Good in books doesnot mean good in business in the same thing.

Genius doesnt travel. IF you are reading this, probability says you are not a genius anyway.



Author: Ajay Ohri


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