The God of Big Data

An Omniscient God should be someone who can analyze all data all the time in any form. Think of a twitter created by the alpha waves of the thoughts of your brain. God is following you. Like Tom of MySpace , HE is friends to all of us. Or thats what the definition of GOD is supposed to be

super small sensitive sensors generate data that are analyzed by algorithms that present results for decision making by angels. sensors embedded in your brain your mobile your watch your laptop.

What do humans do with this data? Do they give you a personalized learning program on what to read today. Do they give you a personalized exericse and food program on how to stay healthy today? or do they just ask you to click click click, so you can maybe convert a bt, and then buy buy buy.

Buying generates debt and economic activity and puts pressure on the buyer to keep working harder so he can come to play the buying game in conspicuous consumption. Does the product you buy list your carbon impact. No that will lower sales. Does it give you a rush of chemicals approximating happiness. Of course retail therapy is the best psycho therapy.

A merciful loving God that has access to all data would intervene not only yo keep us buying and working, but to keep us informed of choices we make and choices we disdain. On how to be better educated, better informed, better health and better impact on government and enironment.

Google failed us as the God of all Data. Alphabet is just a primal soup right now.

The God of Big Data? Now accepting applications.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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