AI versus BI -Machines can’t learn but Nerds hate Humans

Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar. The starch and saccharification enzymes are often derived from malted cereal grains, most commonly malted barley and malted wheat.

Organizations especially in technology consist of a mixture of business managers and technology managers. Bizops and Techops. Jocks and Geeks.

Business managers like to think of using strategic as a prefix to anything. Strategic thinking, strategic planning, strategic campaign , strategic project. Strategic is a word to make things look more important than they are. Anything that has the word strategic should have more than a 12 month gestation period.

I come across machine learning often. It is a cute term and it ranks in terms of abused terms often. Algorithm is another abused term. You say algorithm but what you mean is you need a function.

Basically machine learning means your machine can learn. That by itself is an oxymoron two words that are self-contradictory juxtaposed together. It should be program learning or code learning. Your code or program is trying to approximate learning by taking in outputs  in a previous step as inputs in a future step. Learning is presumed to you can learn only from past experience.

My Dell Laptop has not learned anything. My Dell Laptop is the machine. Sometimes I use functions from packages in languages. These functions are based on well-established algorithms like apriori, k means , and even math theorems like Bayes. I am not learning anything. My machine is not learning anything. the function converges to a solution based on math written by a human, coded by a human, implemented by a human and finally called by a human. Where did the machine in the machine learning come from?

It is derived from Artifical Intelligence. That is another oxymoron. If something is intelligent what is artificial about it. Isn’t a work created by a human as natural as a work created by Nature.

Most nerds and geeks  I have met are not sorted emotionally. They can tell you half a dozen algorithms to sort data, but they don’t know when to shut up, when to listen, when to say yes and when to keep quite than just say no. These are humans that are full of knowledge but won’t learn about human behaviour as fast as they learn about algorithms. Geeks dont make good business managers. Atleast most geeks. I personally cant make out the difference between a geek and a nerd and who gets paid more and who has more fun.

But geeks are incredibly focused people doing tasks that are incredibly boring to normal humans. The reason they dont gel with other humans is because hey they didnt spend time with other humans – they retreated to the safety of the machines and computer screens a long time ago in their formative years, and it paid them enough to keep staying and spending more time with machines than humans

Humans are just as important as machines, maybe more. The geek writing the algorithm can learn more much more about psychology, philosophy and creative liberal arts that affect human behaviour.  That human behaviour generates the data that the algorithm runs on eventually. Cross training your geeks to get insights about humans and cross training your business managers on the difference between AI and BI, machine learning and statistical modeling, what is an algorithm and what is a package.

Artificial Intelligence AI versus  Business Intelligence BI is the new phenomenon. Tech teams brought up on dashboards and reports have to adopt to machine learning algorithms incorporated as decision-making assistance tools. More AI in your BI maybe.

Cliches and buzz words and hype jargon are pick up lines in business world. They can get you some action for sure but they cant get you into Heaven. Sort your geeks emotionally and your business managers algorithmically. Beer is a great way for lonely introverts to bond with flashy extroverts.Now that is just my personal beer algorithm. You may discover your own beer game for your organization.





Author: Ajay Ohri

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