Sartre Satire

If Nietzche was on Twitter, what would he tweet? If Shakespeare was on the internet would he prefer Medium writing or Kindle Publishing. If Satre was a blogger would he still be offered the Nobel Prize. If Sartre was a blogger would he still have refused Alfred Nobel’s nobel honor. Or would he have said, dang it, the number of views will only go up.

What would Charles Dickens do to stand out on Facebook from Brad Takei and Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Would the Tale of Two cities be serialized in blog posts. How much would Dickens earn from Adsense anyway. Would you ask Beethoven to stream on spotify or Apple Music. Would Mozart  master Youtube the way Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga did.

How about a reality show on “Keeping up with the Shakespeares ” . Will it get enough ratings and Emmies. Will it be able to compete and beat ” The Game of Thrones”. Why does the Pope not use LinkedIn? The Pope doesn’t network?  The Vatican bureaucracy won’t use wikis to catalogue research on what really really happened.

Heisenberg would be uncertain if he could use social media. I mean the Breaking Atoms Heisenberg not the chemist. The funny cat of Heisenberg on the internet would be a meme. or not a meme. or you know you don’t know.

The intellectual dumbing down of the population continues. It started with student debt as a way to discourage the lower middle class from aspiring to intellectual pretensions. Educated populations are rarely persuaded to go to war based on jingoism. The Cold War demanded obedience from populations from both sides of the iron Curtain. The Digital Iron Curtain exists and it is helped by technology that is closed to the outside world . Izronically much of it was developed on tax payer money.

Today the Internet has an Iron Curtain in China, but the politicians are too busy facilitating the corporations to import microwaves and refrigerators. There is no God. God deleted his Gmail account.

What would Jesus do on  social media? Would he get 13 followers?

Author: Ajay Ohri

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