Startups are an adventure and so is life

So you lived from weekends to weekends because the pay was good and the lifestyle was addictive . Then you never quit your day job, but a little voice gnawed inside your head and said with a whisper , Hey, Is there More to life. Is … there.. more?

So you got bored from your nine to nine job that was sucking out the mojo of our life and left you a TV channel zombie. Then you made a startup. Startups are so hot and everyone is the next unicorns.

But unicorns are an endangered species and are hunted for their meet and their horns. No one told you that.

The people . Oh the people.

The people you trained and promised to be with you forever. How they quit for a 30% hike. The people who held your hands and promised to help you with cash and mentorship and connections. How they smiled when they asked for 25 % of your sale and two board seats.

The lies. Oh the lies. There is no lie for giving or receiving lies for startups.

So all the angel investors died and Satan Ventures is all you have left.

Have faith. Your rebound is around the corner.

screen-shot-2015-04-08-at-11 11 22-am_1428472059

Enjoy the roller coaster.

Because a good roller coaster will always make you scream a few times.



Author: Ajay Ohri

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