Live like Steve Jobs but retire like Bill Gates

So okay I got your attention and it got you here.  And yes I will try to distort reality like the guru of distorted reality himself in his videotaped conferences.

I will try not to be personal about Steve’s personal life and Bill’s wealth. Give me 60 billion dollars and I will try and make the world a better place too. Give me 60 bucks and I will try and make this next hour a better place

What did Bill do better than Steve did?  He managed his mood swings better. Actually he never need to manage that at all. He managed his personal life better for sure. Bill Gates sure managed his stock option negotiations better, except I think Steve Ballmer got way too many options that he deserved which he respectfully reinvested in the tech ecosystem by buying a sports team.

20 years before Zuckerberg settled money for stealing ideas from his Harvard brothers, Bill Gates  settled dues for his cough inspired interface and actually cough cough invested in Apple. So this is not a comparison on ethics too.

NO NO NO. Steve was awesome but Bill got rich. Would you rather be rich or would rather be awesome?

Steve lived an awesome life as a rockstar techie. No one can accuse Bill Gates of living a rockstar life. I am sure the rockstars would complain.

Steve managed the ups and downs in his products much much better. Sure Lisa bombed and Macintosh boomed and NeXT was ok and Pixar was awesome and the i-series brought a tonne of money

Mac,Pod,iTunes,Phone,Pad they all started with the iCEO Steve.

Cook is no Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs didnt write many lines of code in his life but he could sell.

But Jobs got  overworked , and in the end the man became a bigger brand than his company. Bill Gates retired at 50 knowing he was handing off stuff to Ballmer who aint that Great as Gatesy , but he quit in time.

So live like Steve Jobs, but know when to quit and retire and take that money and enjoy life.

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Author: Ajay Ohri

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